We change lives, families, and communities by tutoring adults to improve their ability to speak,
read, and write English.

 The ability to communicate effectively in English is critical to personal freedom, economic betterment, and the maintenance of a democratic society in the United States.

Strengthen your child's future

A mother’s reading skill is the greatest determinant of her child’s future academic success—even more important than family income.

construction worker
Mom Reading to child

Grow and be well

If all adults read at a 6th grade level or higher, they’d be healthier, and our economy would be $2.2 trillion larger.

We’ve helped thousands of immigrants
and native speakers

Since 1978, Literacy Suffolk has helped thousands of immigrants from 47 countries with basic conversational English and native speakers with reading and writing.


Our Fall Fundraiser was a success!

We raised $11,110 to help our mission here at Literacy Suffolk!

Thank you to our sponsors, our tutors, our board and staff and all who contributed.



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Annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast!

Come join us at our Annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on May 15th. 

RSVP by May 10th


New: Tutor Support Meeting!

ELL's Only

Please join us at our next Tutor Support Meeting on April 25th at the Middle Country Library, Selden Branch.

Recent milestones in our students' lives

Our students have changed their lives through their own hard work and determination.

A mother got a better job with medical benefits important to her family.

Several of our “graduates” have become U.S. citizens.

A student who left school before the sixth grade in her home country began working towards her G.E.D.

A man who never learned to read at his Long Island high school is working on getting a driver’s license so he can get a job.​

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